Happy Ramadan! + CP Bonus

2014-07-28 03:26:26 

Dear players,

To celebrate the spirit of Ramadan Festival, all payment methods (Resellers, Epin, Paymentwall, Paypal, Mobile) will give you 75% bonus upon donating Creddy Points.
The event period is 28/07 to 01/08.

We wish you a nice gameplay and fun.
Creddy Online Team.

Client Update 1,920 + CP Bonus

2014-07-16 01:18:34 

- Added 4 New Dresses.
- Added Name Change Scroll.
- Added Skill Reset Scroll.
- Added new Arabian Uniques at Event Room.
- Added new ranks God & Goddess.
- Increased Exchange Limit to 4B.
- Removed Hotan & Bandit Fortresses and Fortress owners are resetted. Tax system changed.
- Changed Fortress War time to Friday 20.00 Server Time.
- Fixed all negative Guild Points.
- Fixed all bugged characters.
- Added new Rank System.
For more information please click here.
- Added new Lottery System.
For more information please click here.
- A degree 12 poll has started.
To vote, please visit here.
- Egyptian Creddy Point prices are reduced. Also 50% Bonus CP Event started for 1 week!

Payment Method Updates

2014-06-19 00:19:21 

Dear players,
We have updated our Payment Methods.

Using PayPal, you will gain more CP from donations.
PayPal is no longer used from Paymentwall.
Paymentwall prices also got updated! More CP for less!

We wish you a nice gameplay and best of fun.
Creddy Online Team.
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